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Introducing Collaborative Age Forum, Atlanta USA | April 4th and 5th, 2016

At the Herman Miller Showroom and Educational Center | 916 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW, Suite 7 | Atlanta



the world's first event for business executives and collaboration leaders exclusively focused on the culture, technologies, workspace and processes of collaboration across companies, industries, sectors, and geographies.


  • Improve productivity and teamwork of mobile, home-based, and distributed workers?
  • Drive New Growth via Collaboration with Customers, Employees, Partners, Vendors?
  • Innovate amidst Disruption—instead of Fearing Change?
  • Collaborate with Anyone, Anytime, Everywhere?

Then you cannot afford to miss COLLABORATIVE AGE FORUM—our extraordinary "Executive Boot Camp for Business Collaboration"

  • Roll up your sleeves with the world’s leading experts on business collaboration
  • Learn how the culture, process, technologies, and workplaces of business collaboration can help you navigate change and thrive in the new economy
  • Prepare to reach your company’s highest goals!

Welcome to the COLLABORATIVE AGE Forum—the world's first conference for business executives and collaboration leaders dedicated the management science and enabling technologies of collaboration—coming to the Herman Miller Showroom, 916 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. NW, Suite 7, Atlanta, GA April 4-5 2016.

succeed in the new millennium: collaboration works—if you know how to manage it!

What the Internet has done to brick-and-mortar business over the past two decades is nothing compared to the incessant technology-driven change and innovation of business today—impacting every industry, every size of business, as well as the public and nonprofit sectors. Whatever your business or role, you know that 20th Century management thinking and technologies don’t work so well 15 years into the new millennium. What does work is collaboration—but very few business executives have learned how to connect the dots in the big picture of collaboration: how to manage collaborative culture, process, workplace, and technology across their business, industry, and ecosystem.

To grow, adapt, and innovate, your company must harness the power of business collaboration—the essential management discipline and enabling technologies of business in the 21st Century. COLLABORATIVE AGE Forum will show you how.

prepare to think and work hard: this is no ordinary executive learning experience

When you join us for COLLABORATIVE AGE Forum, April 4-5, 2016 in Atlanta, you’ll know immediately that our “Executive Boot Camp for Business Collaboration” is not your ordinary conference. COLLABORATIVE AGE Forum is an intensive, immersive 1.5 day executive training that will demand your full attention, your probing real-world questions, and your hands-on engagement.
Our conference program features the world’s leading experts and practitioners in collaborative business. Plus, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities to build relationships with peers who are grappling with leadership and management challenges similar to your own. Our world-class roster of speakers, executive panels, and break-out sessions will address comprehensively the “how to” of successful collaboration: how to lead, manage, and empower people and organizations to succeed in an era of relentless disruption, challenge, and transformation.

take home a strategic roadmap: build collaboration capability company-wide

Collaboration crosses all functions of your company, so COLLABORATIVE AGE provides a comprehensive, company-wide framework for managing and accelerating business collaboration— addressing the how-to of strategic partnering, value-creating sales and customer experience, real-time communications and other collaboration technologies, and building collaborative organizational culture.

Our core program provides a foundational understanding of collaboration management and tools relevant to business leaders in the C-suite and many executive roles, including:

  • Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, and Sales
  • Customer Contact, Service, and Experience
  • Information Technology and Enterprise Communications
  • Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution
  • Human Resources, Training, and Development
  • Workplace/Facility Design and Management
  • Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Alliance and Channel/Distribution Partner Management